The newly offered medical device is MiroCam®, the world smallest capsule endoscope which can visualize your digestive system, particularly your small bowel by taking 3 pictures per second for almost 11 hours.


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Endocam KFT offers a new capsule endoscopy system (Mirocam) manufactured by Intromedic. MiroCam is a newly developed capsule endoscope based upon HBC (Human Body Communication)utilising the human body as a communication medium. In addition IntroMedic has incorporated state-of-the-art imaging and lighting technologies into the MiroCam capsule, resulting optimal diagnostic yield for capsule endoscopy.

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MiroCam MC1000 capsule

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Slightly smaller and easier to swallow at 11 mm by 24 mm, the MiroCam delivers three frames per second at the highest resolution of 102,400 pixels and the widest field of view up to 170 degrees. It also boasts the best battery life at 11 hours of operation.


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Mirocam Receiver Set

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The MiroCam receiver is light and compact and uses standard ECG pads instead of the complex belt systems used by the competition. Comfortable for patients and convenient for clinicians. MiroCam receiver set contains one receiver with two long life rechargeable batteries, electrodes and holding belt. The receiver records at least 118,800 images (during 11 hours) with could be uploaded into the computer less than 20 minutes via a simple USB2 port.